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About Us

Interior Designers

Interiors World is one of India’s most distinguished interior design firms. Leveraging design-based research and brand strategy, Interiors World helps its clients realize environments which achieve the best connection between people and place. Independently-owned and based in Chennai, Coimbatore and across Tamilnadu with an entrepreneurial team of 20+ creative thought members in a workplace. Interiors World has established itself as a trusted organization for clients.

Rather than apply our own signature style to your space, we’ll help you make a statement of your own. Interiors World brings a fresh perspective to every project, developing unique solutions for each individual client. Your space should tell your own story, much like the space we created for ourselves tells ours.

Our reputation for creativity and meticulous, sustainable planning is evidenced in the vibrant communities we’ve re-imagined and brought to life. Our landscape architects work with our multi-disciplinary team to create beautiful, sustainable, and functional areas that connect people with the environment in palpable and inspiring ways.

Our inspirational, trend-setting and functional designs have been garnering international attention for years. Interiors World design team have created evocative interiors across a wide span of client sectors such as aviation, education, healthcare, luxury hospitality, media, mixed-use, retail, the arts, and the public sector.